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Hello, everyone! As you may have noticed, my posting schedule has changed. Turns out, writing blog posts three days a week is a lot of work. (Duh.) This was fine last fall and winter, when my life consisted of writing, editing, blogging, and playing Pikmin, but since the release of What Boys Are Made Of and The Mercy of Men and the addition of marketing, research, and my side job to the list, blogging has fallen down my list of priorities.

For a while, I kept on, bumping writing down below blogging, but seeing as I’m an author and it’s writing that brings in the money, that’s not a sustainable solution. Something had to give.

Luckily, I quite enjoy blogging, so it’s not going away entirely, it’s just cutting back to a once-a-week guaranteed post. Yep! Every Monday, you get to see my shining words and enjoy my ridiculous humor. Share it, love it, build a private shrine to it, whatever. Mostly share it.

More than that? I’m not guaranteeing more posts than that, because I’d hate to disappoint. But I think you’ll get a second post a pretty good percentage of the time. Because, ya know, I enjoy hearing my own voice! (All blog posts are read in my own voice. Did you not know that? It’s mandatory, get on it.)

Beyond that: Right now, this website is mostly set up as a blog. That worked for nine months, but now that I’m getting a lot more book-related traffic, it will be morphing. Think landing page, think different links at the top, think, uh, I don’t know yet, I haven’t done it and I’m not a planner.

Construction will be happening! Soon. This week, hopefully. Maybe? (Oh schedule gods, please open up a slot for me to do this in.)

Anyway, thanks for your patience, your support, your comments and likes and shares. Told you this post would be coming, and here it is! And in the meantime, I’ll make sure you stay up-to-date.

See you Monday.

(Oh, yeah, I might have some guest posts soon. I have at least one lined up. Anyone else want to shout dibs?)

Saint Flaherty Series · The Mercy of Men

The Mercy of Men is Live!

Pick up your copy of The Mercy of Men today!

Book 2 3D Render

Barnes and Noble

And as a special, one-day-only-bonus, The Mercy of Men is 99 cents on Amazon for its debut day, June 30th, 2016! Grab it today with the first book for only $1.98 (or equivalent currency).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!


On Sabbatical Until June 25th

Hey, everyone! It’s been a crazy few weeks for me. Months, really. From book release to book release, I charge onward!

Due to a few things going on in my life, I’ve decided that after nine months continuous posting it’s time for me to take a week to myself. So, no posts from me for the next week.

Does that mean there will be nothing? Who knows, maybe not. But from June 18th-June 25th I’m lying on a deck chair roasting like a tomato. In the meantime, here’s some old favorites for you to enjoy–one for each month!


Insert Thoughts HereDilemmas, Dilemmas: When Advice Isn’t Asked For

What do you do when you feel a friend’s work isn’t their best?

This blog started out as being at least tangential to my writing–and it stayed that way for all of five posts. Still! A great exploration of a hypothetical that many a writer has faced. How would you handle it?


Gaelic Study

Scottish Gaelic Will Be the Death of Me

Husband and I attempted to learn Scottish Gaelic. To put it mildly, it didn’t go well.

The first slice-of-life post came from sheer baffled frustration. And, okay, a bottle of hard cider. Having learned a few languages, I figured embarking on Scottish Gaelic wouldn’t be much different. Nope.


Kyoto the Third (September) 036

Schrodinger’s Novel–Do You Have One Too?

Every novel is both the worst and the best until it’s read by someone else. And that’s the problem.

This innocuous little post went out of the gate and keeled over. For three months, it sat with nine hits to its name. Then a WordPress Editor found it, loved it, and reposted it. For a day, my site exploded as writes came out of nowhere to admit they had their Schrodinger’s novel, seeming to take comfort in not being alone. And so I’ll ask again: do you have one too?


IMG_2417How My Husband Makes Chili (And Most Other Foods)

My husband makes great food–and he makes me crazy in the process.

Husband debuted in this post as a regular character on my blog. Slightly oblivious, rather silly, always stubbornly doing his own thing, posts featuring him became instant hits whenever I wrote them. What’s not to love about a man who goes to the grocery store before he reads the recipe?



The Heck Is “Editing?”

You’ve written a book! Now what?

Part 1 of a four-part series explaining the point of self-editing for content. How to do it, why to do it, what to cut, what to keep. I was in the midst of an editing frenzy myself, and between writing these, I was practicing what I preached. It was a month of editing until I dropped!



Tripping Over the Sofa With Aplomb

To escape the winter blues, I tried my hand at a bit of aerobics, and regretted it.

Every once in a while, comedy wins over tragedy. Such was the case when I attempted to do vigorous dance aerobics in my microscopic apartment living room. The chaos. The tears. The yelling at the TV set. Don’t forget its sister post, Breathing Easily as I Yoga Myself to Death!



Sharing Is Caring: Literally

Want to support the indie artist or small business in your life? Spread the word!

In the midst of creatives as I spend so much of my time, I see first-hand the power of a word in an ear, a post shared on Facebook, a link emailed to a friend. But how is anyone outside of this bubble to know what power they have unless we tell them? So I did, and received some fantastic feedback in turn.



Dear People I Submit My Work To: A Love Letter From the Discard Pile

After hearing one too many “dear author,” I decided to write a “dear agent.”

The world of publishing is not a meritocracy; good writing is not the only, or perhaps even the most important requirement. Authors trying to become traditionally published constantly send queries only to usually hear nothing in reply. It’s pretty frustrating, so here on my blog, I spoke up.



How to Avoid Clickbait

Really, the title speaks for itself.

In this blog, I’ve done a lot of things I’ve proud of; crafting click-bait headlines is not one of them. Yet it’s get the clicks or flounder with nothing, and so I valiantly sought the words to grab your attention. Few of them worked so well as this one, though. Did you fall for it?


These are just a small sample of the posts I’ve written in the nine months of running this blog. It’s been crazy, it’s been tiring, it’s been about the most exciting thing in my life some days, and I’ve enjoyed myself immensely.

Under-paid, Over-enthused would not nearly be the place that it is without your comments. Your thoughts, questions, ideas, and tidbits have filled it with interesting takes and and memorable moments.

If while browsing today you feel like commenting, go for it! So what if the post is old? You had a thought, and we want to hear it! A few people have voiced worries that posting so late after the fact is creepy, or stalker-ish. I’ll tell you right now, it’s nothing of the sort. It’s cool to see that months have passed but the feelings still ring true, a bright spark in my day. Have at!

That said, I’ll say my goodbyes for my week away with one more thought for all of you: do you know why this blog is called what it’s called? “Under-paid, Over-enthused.” Is it a complaint? Whining?

Nothing of the sort: it’s a declaration to the world of who I am. For the money I’m getting for my writing I’ve got way too much energy, so here I am typing it away! And now I’m taking a week to gather that energy back and spring-board into the release of my next book, The Mercy of Men. I hope you’ll be there with me!

Thanks for reading, and see you then.

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What Boys Are Made Of: New Cover

There’s a quiet change sweeping my books…

Well, quiet until now.

What Boys Are Made Of has a new cover. New blurb. New look.

Same book, but made-over in preparation for the cover of Saint Flaherty book 2, The Mercy of Men.

Want to see?

…Of course you do!3D Render

With the swing of a baseball bat, a back alley prize fight ends in one teenager’s death. The other walks away with cash in his hand and a conscience screaming for mercy.

Just another day in Buchell.

Five years after the Second Civil War ended, isolated Appalachia is a minefield ruled by cartels and warlord despots. In the town of Buchell, Simon “Saint” Flaherty cage fights for money—until the day a fight gone wrong leaves him a murderer.

In a town that saw the worst of the war, the death only boosts Simon’s reputation, and his coach enters him to headline a local tournament. No one seems to notice that Simon’s in no condition to train, wracked by guilt over his opponent’s death. No one seems to care, least of all his coach—not with a career-defining fight on the line.

But Simon’s coach isn’t the only man in Buchell with an eye for talent. The cartels that keep a stranglehold over the mountains are scouting for new recruits, and the local kingpin has his eye on the teenager with the one-punch knockout.

Although Simon wants nothing to do with the cartels, he’s already involved: his last match was no tragic accident, but a set-up by the kingpin himself.

Already haunted by one death, Simon will do anything to get out of the next fight. In Buchell, anythinggoes a long way.

In this gritty debut set in a dystopian Appalachia, S. Hunter Nisbet presents a stunning story of surviving the choices we make—and those that are made for us.

This gorgeous cover was done by Deranged Doctor Designs. To get a closer look at it, why not hop over to the book website of your choice?

Amazon   Barnes and Noble   iBooks   Kobo   scribd



Of course, a couple of you might be saying, “But I liked the old cover.”

I did too; but I like this one a heck of a lot better. It’s edgier, darker, more gripping. This is the sort of cover that will draw in readers.

If you still love the old cover that much, you can buy the print edition, which still has the old one, and will match the print edition of book 2 because I’m not so heartless as to make people have non-matching books in their series (the horror!)

Now, who can’t wait to show this to everyone? It might, just might, just definitely be me.

Saint Flaherty Series · What Boys Are Made Of

Review! Five Stars from The Novel Approach!

A couple weeks ago, in a fit of “I can do this!” I submitted What Boys Are Made Of for review over at The Novel Approach and crossed my fingers.

Lemme tell you, I am glad I did.

Barely a day later Lisa got in contact to let me know she’d love to read my book, and just this morning she sent me a notification that her review would be up today.

And holy shiz, what a review.

Five stars. Count ’em.

I am especially excited that her review confirms what almost every single review so far has said: this book is the one you can’t stop reading.

What makes this novel beautiful is the author’s prose. These characters are all written in flesh and blood, their world drawn in bleak and desperate lines. There is no romance or romanticism in the telling of this story, and it is not an LGBT novel; rather, it’s a novel with LGBT characters, and its heart resides in the misery that pervades.

I haven’t made this declaration yet this year, but What Boys Are Made Of is easily in the running for a favorite read of 2016. Here’s hoping for a repeat performance with Book Two.


Woah! Alright, I’ve had it. I’ve had my humbling moment, though I’ll admit, it came right after the “run around the apartment celebrating” one. Holy crap!

Go read the rest of the review here!

Saint Flaherty Series · What Boys Are Made Of

I Wrote a Guest Post for Author Marie Sexton!

If you follow my Twitter, you’ve seen me gushing about my latest romance novel finds. “At last, something worth reading! Go buy this!” I’ve shouted into the voids of the internet.

I was talking, of course, about Marie Sexton’s amazing works.

If you’ve read her novels, you know Ms. Sexton’s a fantastic author. Allow me to add that she’s a generous one as well for inviting me to guest post on her website!

Check out this post over on Marie Sexton’s blog!

And, of course, don’t forget to buy her blitheringly amazing novel Trailer Trash. One of its characters, Cody, reminds me of Connor. Well, okay, Connor if he’d lived a very different life. Similar personalities.

…Well, I think so.

Oh, just read it. And read my guest post as well to hear about the difficulties of trying to advertise plot points without, you know, giving them away entirely.

Have I mentioned my book has LGBTQ elements? Because it does. Except they’re massive spoilers.

Okay, enough, go read!

Saint Flaherty Series · What Boys Are Made Of

You’re Invited to My reddit Author Spotlight Saturday

Mark your calendars, set your alarms! This badass author is having an author spotlight over on reddit’s Book board on Saturday, April 23rd.

What is it? It’s basically an ask-me-anything over on Reddit. You can drop by and just say hey, you can ask a question, you can add to the discussion–any or all!

When? It’s April 23rd, from 11am to 6pm EST. That doesn’t mean you need to be there the whole time, it means come by any time! And, to be honest, after; I’ll still be keeping an eye on it. (Though actually I forgot I have a couple things scheduled that day, so I will be in and out. Oops! Guess I’ll just have to make do.)

Where? It’s happening on reddit’s Book board here. On Saturday, I’ll make a thread and the mods will pin it to the top so anyone can drop by. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting links everywhere as well!

And, uh, what is reddit? Reddit’s an anonymous(ish) chat forum that has a billion sub-forums, called sub-reddits. For this spotlight, we’ll be, quite appropriately, on Books!

In order to post there, you will need an account, but they take half a second to make and you don’t even have to give them your email address. It’s easier than accidentally making eye-contact with a vendor at a mall kiosk, but with much better payoff.

If you want to make sure you’ll remember, click that you’re attending on the event page on Facebook–and don’t forget to invite your friends as well!

Want to ask a question about my books? The blog? Tell the world that you’re desperately shipping two characters? Demand if that thing I implied on page 253 was deliberate and, if so, will it be explored in later books? This is the time!

Thanks everyone, and see you there!



An Interview on The Beauty of Words

In exciting news, Cathleen Townsend recently interviewed me on her blog, “The Beauty of Words.”

Cathleen and I have been chatting since last summer about all things writing related, and when she wrote an anthology of short stories, Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie, I was one of her beta readers.

Now that I’m approaching the release of What Boys Are Made Of, she asked if I’d come do an interview on her blog, to add to her array of features on indie authors. We chatted about coming up with character names and book titles, and related both of our difficulties with cutting content. Please check it out over here! 


Review · Suiko and the Puzzle Box · Theater · Uncategorized

Suiko and the Puzzle Box–A Children’s Play

Cathleen Townsend has reviewed “Suiko and the Puzzle Box” for her blog, The Beauty of Words. Thanks so much, Cathleen!

Cathleen Townsend

Suiko and the Puzzle BoxThis review is a change of pace–a play instead of a novel. I’ve written one play for a pageant, and it’s a lot harder than you’d think. And as a former teacher, I appreciate that it has enough parts that it isn’t just four or five kids with all the speaker parts, and everyone else has to be the spear carriers.

It’s a simple story. A young girl, Suiko, discovers her father is missing and impulsively goes off to rescue him. This is not unusual behavior for her–she tends to leap before she looks. She owns a small puzzle box her father made her, but thus far, she’s lacked the patience to unlock its secrets.

But as she tries to rescue her father, she becomes ensnared in the demon court. The demon king promises her that if she can figure out the puzzle box, her father, who is also prisoner…

View original post 126 more words