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Traveling With a Histrionic Dalmatian

Zoe the Dalmatian is fifteen, and like all old creatures, she does not enjoy change. In her life, each day should be a healthy mixture of sleep, food, walkies, and attention, with a possible side of peanut butter. While the occasional trip to the store is welcome, long car journeys are not. At all. Ever.… Continue reading Traveling With a Histrionic Dalmatian

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Scotland In Slightly Dumb Photographs

Vacations are largely wasted on me. I hate strange beds, become annoyed by eating out too often, get tired too quickly, and really would just rather be writing. My idea of a lovely holiday is one in which I just move somewhere for a month or two, so I can have all the fun of a… Continue reading Scotland In Slightly Dumb Photographs

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Airline Travel: Like Survivor, But More Stylish

I’m one of those people who prepares for a flight like I’m getting ready for a weather emergency. Do I have water? At least one meal? Shoes that I can run in? Okay, I’m ready. In my teens I was once stuck on a train for fourteen hours, traveling up through Kyushu and Honshu to… Continue reading Airline Travel: Like Survivor, But More Stylish

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I’m Going On a (Christmas) Adventure!

Three years ago, I was preparing for a similar trip to the one I’m making today: flying to Scotland to visit Husband’s family for Christmas. The first time I did this, of course, he was not yet Husband, he was The Last Boyfriend, and we were both living and teaching in Japan. For our first… Continue reading I’m Going On a (Christmas) Adventure!