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Perfect Editing Is A Lie

Welcome back to my series on how to edit your manuscript! This is where I suggest how to edit your manuscript in preparation for either self-publishing or querying. Remember, there’s no one way to edit. If you’re already doing something that I’m not mentioning, or you do something differently, why not suggest it in the… Continue reading Perfect Editing Is A Lie

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Why You Need a Copy-Editor

  I’m writing this post at the request of a couple Twitter friends. They say they hear all the time that self-publishing authors need professional copy-editors, but they don’t know why, because no one who hires one ever seems to say, after the fact, exactly why it was so important. Pray allow me to remedy that… Continue reading Why You Need a Copy-Editor

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Five Newbie Tips for Self-Pubbing on Createspace

I will soon publish my children’s play, Suiko and the Puzzle Box. The idea started about a month ago, when I wrote a blog post talking about my experiences submitting it around. It was nothing but a passing thought, but soon the idea was buzzing around my head. After all, I know the play’s good,… Continue reading Five Newbie Tips for Self-Pubbing on Createspace