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It isn’t about Authors, It’s About Gatekeepers

Regarding #TheContinent. The Twitterverse has once again erupted in controversy over a problematic book. Let me sum it up in the vaguest way possible, so I can keep re-using this same summary when the exact same situation inevitably happens again next month. Person wrote book. They loved this book. They found it to be diverse… Continue reading It isn’t about Authors, It’s About Gatekeepers

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What Every Author Fears the Most

Let’s kick off October with something scary–every author’s worst nightmare.   It’s not that we’re afraid you won’t like what we like; disliking it is fine. What kills authors is if you don’t read our books at all. Think of a great recipe sampled only by one person, a sofa sat on by two or… Continue reading What Every Author Fears the Most

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If You’re a Writer, You’re a Gambler

Among those who write, you get some who love starting new manuscripts, adore it beyond anything—the freshness of the prose, the chance to put new words down, the excitement of creating characters. And then there’s the other kind, who hates it beyond anything. I’m in the latter group. It’s never that I’m not looking forward… Continue reading If You’re a Writer, You’re a Gambler

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Not as Done As I Thought

  You haven’t heard much about my writing lately. I’ve been concentrating on release stuff—and that makes sense, I’ve had another release! Buzz, buzz, look at my new book, I’m so thrilled to show it to you! Actually, truth be told, by the time you actually have that book, any book, I’m a little sick… Continue reading Not as Done As I Thought

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That Time My High School Made National News For All the Wrong Reasons: The Backstory of All Roads Lead to Hell

Every book has a back-story, a where-did-it-come-from. Some are obscure, others a crystal clear moment. Some, on the other hand, come from a feeling. An exploration of uncertainty. I promised I’d tell all of you the back-story for why I wrote All Roads Lead to Hell. I’m a little hesitant to, because it’s weirdly personal.… Continue reading That Time My High School Made National News For All the Wrong Reasons: The Backstory of All Roads Lead to Hell

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Publishing is a Long Road: On Not Giving Up, Even When I Really Really Wanted To.

Oh where, oh where, oh where have I been these past couple weeks? Why, turning myself into a Real Author™, of course! It’s bloody exhausting. I just finished up a promo for my books. For five days, I discounted them, ran an advertisement, participated in major retailer’s summer promo, and collaborated with other authors to… Continue reading Publishing is a Long Road: On Not Giving Up, Even When I Really Really Wanted To.

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What Boys Are Made Of: New Cover

There’s a quiet change sweeping my books…

Well, quiet until now.

What Boys Are Made Of has a new cover. New blurb. New look.

Same book, but made-over in preparation for the cover of Saint Flaherty book 2, The Mercy of Men.

Want to see?

…Of course you do!3D Render

With the swing of a baseball bat, a back alley prize fight ends in one teenager’s death. The other walks away with cash in his hand and a conscience screaming for mercy.

Just another day in Buchell.

Five years after the Second Civil War ended, isolated Appalachia is a minefield ruled by cartels and warlord despots. In the town of Buchell, Simon “Saint” Flaherty cage fights for money—until the day a fight gone wrong leaves him a murderer.

In a town that saw the worst of the war, the death only boosts Simon’s reputation, and his coach enters him to headline a local tournament. No one seems to notice that Simon’s in no condition to train, wracked by guilt over his opponent’s death. No one seems to care, least of all his coach—not with a career-defining fight on the line.

But Simon’s coach isn’t the only man in Buchell with an eye for talent. The cartels that keep a stranglehold over the mountains are scouting for new recruits, and the local kingpin has his eye on the teenager with the one-punch knockout.

Although Simon wants nothing to do with the cartels, he’s already involved: his last match was no tragic accident, but a set-up by the kingpin himself.

Already haunted by one death, Simon will do anything to get out of the next fight. In Buchell, anythinggoes a long way.

In this gritty debut set in a dystopian Appalachia, S. Hunter Nisbet presents a stunning story of surviving the choices we make—and those that are made for us.

This gorgeous cover was done by Deranged Doctor Designs. To get a closer look at it, why not hop over to the book website of your choice?

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Of course, a couple of you might be saying, “But I liked the old cover.”

I did too; but I like this one a heck of a lot better. It’s edgier, darker, more gripping. This is the sort of cover that will draw in readers.

If you still love the old cover that much, you can buy the print edition, which still has the old one, and will match the print edition of book 2 because I’m not so heartless as to make people have non-matching books in their series (the horror!)

Now, who can’t wait to show this to everyone? It might, just might, just definitely be me.