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The Best Font For My Book

As a reader, font is probably something you don’t give much thought to. Words are on the page, and so long as it’s legible, what does it matter, right? If only. Fonts have far more sway than most people realize. Similar to the temperature in an office making you feel welcome or worried, or the… Continue reading The Best Font For My Book

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Cover Reveal and Call For Advance Readers

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Book 1, recently re-titled What Boys Are Made Of, is nearing its release date of March 15th, 2016. And here it is! In this gritty debut set in a near-future Appalachia, S. Hunter Nisbet presents a stunning story of surviving the choices we make—and those that are made… Continue reading Cover Reveal and Call For Advance Readers

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Why You Need a Copy-Editor

  I’m writing this post at the request of a couple Twitter friends. They say they hear all the time that self-publishing authors need professional copy-editors, but they don’t know why, because no one who hires one ever seems to say, after the fact, exactly why it was so important. Pray allow me to remedy that… Continue reading Why You Need a Copy-Editor