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How to Avoid Clickbait

Well, first of all, don’t click on articles like this. That is, of course, impossible. Clickbait is everywhere—on blogs, on respected news sites, on your friends’ Facebook feeds. Once the territory of newspaper headlines, it’s now the stuff of everyday life, and thousands of people spend their lives dreaming of that perfect clickbait headline. “She… Continue reading How to Avoid Clickbait

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Recycling and Me: A Melodrama

Recycling: what is it? Is it the thing where instead of throwing out that old T-shirt, you clean a floor with it? Is it putting aluminum cans in a bin? Or is it a vicious battle of individual versus bureaucracy that won’t end until one side perishes? Every country has its own recycling mandates, and… Continue reading Recycling and Me: A Melodrama

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One More Time: The Days That Fade At the Edges

One More Time If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why? The last twelve months have been pretty quiet for me. The LLC I’m part of sold the house we’d remodeled; I directed The Secret Garden: The Musical with my mother; my husband… Continue reading One More Time: The Days That Fade At the Edges