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Appalachian Spring

  [I invite you all to listen to the song “Appalachian Spring” while you read this post, available from Youtube here. It is a most appropriate soundtrack for this piece, and one of my favorite songs.]   On our way down to visit my brother in Tennessee last weekend, we’d passed a twenty-five mile tailback going… Continue reading Appalachian Spring

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Announcing the Publication of What Boys Are Made Of

More than four years ago—was it five, was it six?—I wrote a short story late one night. There was nothing of consequence about it, except the voice. It was urgent, and close. It spoke in words you’d hear any day of the week, using grammar that was less than standard. Its metaphors were colloquial, whispers intimate.… Continue reading Announcing the Publication of What Boys Are Made Of

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Down To The River And Pray

I read an article online this week that hit home for me. It’s about chemicals in the Ohio River and attached aquifers, and the cover-up that the chemical company DuPont has put into it. The politics aren’t why you should read it (though they are as fascinating as they are heartbreaking) but rather the way… Continue reading Down To The River And Pray

Why I'm a Ridiculous Person

Appal-lappal-lachia, Sing It With Me

You may have seen mentioned that I live in Appalachia. You may also have noticed that I live in Ohio. To some, Ohio is an ocean of corn, soybeans, and tomatoes, flat as a tabletop and probably just as featureless. Its endless fields are occasionally interrupted by a sprawling metropolis, but more often by a… Continue reading Appal-lappal-lachia, Sing It With Me