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“If I open my puzzle box, will you let my father go?”

“Is that what you want?”

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Suiko’s father has been stolen by spirits. Can she open her puzzle box and save him, or will she be turned into a demon herself?

In this fairytale for children of all ages, join Suiko and a cast of mythological Japanese creatures in a story of determination, love, and learning the value of the everyday.

Twelve-year-old Suiko [SWEE-koh] is determined to find her missing father. Armed only with the seemingly-impossible puzzle box he made for her just before his disappearance, she sets out towards the nearby mountains. But when she ignores a warning to stay on the human path, the Spirits of Forest capture her.

Inside the Spirit Palace, Suiko is presented with a challenge by the Great Oni, King of the Spirits: Suiko must find her way out of their labyrinth, open her puzzle box, or remain trapped there as a demon forever.

With the clock ticking, Suiko must discover why her father gave her an impossible box. The mischievous spirits will stop at nothing to keep their new companion, though. Can clever Suiko find a way to save both herself and her father? Or will she too be trapped in the Spirit Palace forever?

Based on Japanese folklore and myth, Suiko and the Puzzle Box is Spirited Away meets Alice in Wonderland in a fantasy Japanese setting. With a heroine who learns that sometimes the ordinary is the most extraordinary thing of all, this new drama piece is a fresh look into theater sure to please actors and audiences alike.

Suiko and the Puzzle Box features:
-Over 25 speaking roles!
-Unlimited non-speaking roles for extras
-60-minute runtime (intermission optional)
-Black box set design!
-Continuous scene changes for smooth running
-Flexible male-female character ratios
-Extensive costume, set, prop, and staging notes
-Cultural notes and explanations
-Family friendly content for audiences of all ages
NO ROYALTIES for amateur groups with the purchase of 20 printed scripts! Perform it as many nights as you like for whatever size audience you’ll attract.

This play is:
-Intended for actors ages 6-14 years old.
-Perfect for school, church, and community theaters of all budgets
-Written for directors of all ranges of experience
-A royalty-free production with the purchase of 20 paper play scripts.

Available on Amazon in paperback form for $7.99, and Kindle for just $2.99! 

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Join Suiko and a host of mythological creatures in this unforgettable story for sixty minutes of theater you’ll remember for years to come in Suiko and the Puzzle Box!