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Traveling With a Histrionic Dalmatian

Zoe the Dalmatian is fifteen, and like all old creatures, she does not enjoy change. In her life, each day should be a healthy mixture of sleep, food, walkies, and attention, with a possible side of peanut butter. While the occasional trip to the store is welcome, long car journeys are not. At all. Ever.… Continue reading Traveling With a Histrionic Dalmatian

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Deaf Dogs and Social Media, Surprisingly Compatable

Yesterday, I was playing on Twitter when the following tweet popped up: @Izi_Garcia Yes! I have a deaf dalmation, she’s 14 years old now. What kind of dog do you have? — Steph (@ShunterNi) September 23, 2015 // Question? Answer. 2015, you continue to blow my mind. Sounds simple, right? Let me tell you a… Continue reading Deaf Dogs and Social Media, Surprisingly Compatable