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The Pep-Squad Police and YOUR Attitude

. It’s a word with connotations, all of them bad. “I can’t stand your attitude” is the prelude to a barrage of personal failings that start and end with nothing good. This seems strange, because at first glance, “attitude” seems like a neutral word. But let’s examine the definitions that Merriam-Webster posts for it. Aha.… Continue reading The Pep-Squad Police and YOUR Attitude

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Nobody “Lets” Themselves Be Bullied

There’s a perversion of the English language that goes around, and it sounds like this: “Don’t let yourself be bullied!” Let. As if you’re totally just allowing it. “Don’t let him hit you! Don’t let her run you down with a truck!” Oh, okay, I’ll get right on that. Oh, wait. Bullying is one of… Continue reading Nobody “Lets” Themselves Be Bullied

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Papyrus: Looking Terrible Since 332 BC

One of the downsides of doing lots of formatting and design work is you begin to recognize common fonts. “But why is that a downside? Isn’t that cool to be able to look at a brochure and go ‘Calibre, Calibre, Times New Roman?’” No. Because most people use the same fonts over and over and… Continue reading Papyrus: Looking Terrible Since 332 BC

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The Ten Commandments of Writing

Most of writing is pretty subjective. What styles we use, adjectives we choose, the rhythms and phrasing—they all depend on the author’s voice. That said, there are a few things we can all agree are pretty awful no matter who writes them. Not with characterization or plotting or world-building, but with the building blocks we all use:… Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Writing

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My Inability to Spell Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid

As you can probably guess from the title up there, I can’t spell. Like, I can’t. I’m awful at it. If it weren’t for the wonders of spellcheck, this post would be riddled with various errors that I would never, ever notice. You’d be amazed how many people have tried to call me a moron… Continue reading My Inability to Spell Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid