Sharing Is Caring: Literally

So you’re friends with an indie artist, and you want to support them. The problem? You’re not really that *into* what they actually make. What do you do? It’s not an unusual problem. Maybe your friend makes gorgeous beaded earrings, but you don’t have pierced ears, or they do fantastically detailed sketches of bird bones,… Continue reading Sharing Is Caring: Literally

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Suiko and the Puzzle Box–A Children’s Play

Cathleen Townsend has reviewed “Suiko and the Puzzle Box” for her blog, The Beauty of Words. Thanks so much, Cathleen!

Cathleen Townsend

Suiko and the Puzzle BoxThis review is a change of pace–a play instead of a novel. I’ve written one play for a pageant, and it’s a lot harder than you’d think. And as a former teacher, I appreciate that it has enough parts that it isn’t just four or five kids with all the speaker parts, and everyone else has to be the spear carriers.

It’s a simple story. A young girl, Suiko, discovers her father is missing and impulsively goes off to rescue him. This is not unusual behavior for her–she tends to leap before she looks. She owns a small puzzle box her father made her, but thus far, she’s lacked the patience to unlock its secrets.

But as she tries to rescue her father, she becomes ensnared in the demon court. The demon king promises her that if she can figure out the puzzle box, her father, who is also prisoner…

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It’s a Maze, This Post, It’s a Maze of… Paper?

When I get bored, I tend to get creative. And for me, creative means, well. In this case, it meant drawing a maze. If you follow my author page on Facebook you’ll already have seen this, but I think it’s worth posting here as well. Four years ago, nearly exactly, I drew this maze. A couple… Continue reading It’s a Maze, This Post, It’s a Maze of… Paper?