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It’s Not Acting, It’s Cooperating

All of us, at one time or another, wish to take earlier versions of ourselves firmly by the shoulder and administer the death grip. “No, self, don’t do that, do this, and while I’m at it, for god’s sake get rid of those shoes, they’re doing you no favor.” In this case, I’m speaking of… Continue reading It’s Not Acting, It’s Cooperating

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Suiko and the Puzzle Box–A Children’s Play

Cathleen Townsend has reviewed “Suiko and the Puzzle Box” for her blog, The Beauty of Words. Thanks so much, Cathleen!

Cathleen Townsend

Suiko and the Puzzle BoxThis review is a change of pace–a play instead of a novel. I’ve written one play for a pageant, and it’s a lot harder than you’d think. And as a former teacher, I appreciate that it has enough parts that it isn’t just four or five kids with all the speaker parts, and everyone else has to be the spear carriers.

It’s a simple story. A young girl, Suiko, discovers her father is missing and impulsively goes off to rescue him. This is not unusual behavior for her–she tends to leap before she looks. She owns a small puzzle box her father made her, but thus far, she’s lacked the patience to unlock its secrets.

But as she tries to rescue her father, she becomes ensnared in the demon court. The demon king promises her that if she can figure out the puzzle box, her father, who is also prisoner…

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Announcing the Publication of “Suiko and the Puzzle Box”: A Children’s Play

If you’ve been poking around my website recently, you may have noticed a page for “Plays.” There’s a good reason for that: my children’s play Suiko and the Puzzle Box is now available for sale on Amazon and Createspace. Suiko and the Puzzle Box (pronounced SWEE-koh) is a fairy tale set in Japan, many years ago. Suiko’s father has… Continue reading Announcing the Publication of “Suiko and the Puzzle Box”: A Children’s Play

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Five Newbie Tips for Self-Pubbing on Createspace

I will soon publish my children’s play, Suiko and the Puzzle Box. The idea started about a month ago, when I wrote a blog post talking about my experiences submitting it around. It was nothing but a passing thought, but soon the idea was buzzing around my head. After all, I know the play’s good,… Continue reading Five Newbie Tips for Self-Pubbing on Createspace

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On Rejection and Affirmation in Publishing

The first writing I ever queried was a children’s play called “Suiko and the Puzzle Box,” set in Meiji-era Japan. Though the year was 2011, this publisher required me to mail my script rather than submitting it by email. The wait time was three months; when six went by without so much as a word, I thought… Continue reading On Rejection and Affirmation in Publishing