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Pushing to the Forefront: Background Characters With RR Willica

Everything—from movies to novels to video games—has its NPCs, the people who weave in and out of the story for one purpose and one purpose only: to usher it along. Yet this doesn’t mean background characters are unimportant. In part 1 of this two-part series, I’ve teamed up with R.R. Willica, author of the Darkness… Continue reading Pushing to the Forefront: Background Characters With RR Willica


An Interview on The Beauty of Words

In exciting news, Cathleen Townsend recently interviewed me on her blog, “The Beauty of Words.”

Cathleen and I have been chatting since last summer about all things writing related, and when she wrote an anthology of short stories, Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie, I was one of her beta readers.

Now that I’m approaching the release of What Boys Are Made Of, she asked if I’d come do an interview on her blog, to add to her array of features on indie authors. We chatted about coming up with character names and book titles, and related both of our difficulties with cutting content. Please check it out over here!