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I’m Going On a (Christmas) Adventure!

Three years ago, I was preparing for a similar trip to the one I’m making today: flying to Scotland to visit Husband’s family for Christmas. The first time I did this, of course, he was not yet Husband, he was The Last Boyfriend, and we were both living and teaching in Japan. For our first… Continue reading I’m Going On a (Christmas) Adventure!

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas You Definitely Never Thought Of

Christmas is less than nine days away. The only presents you have bought are for your dog, and you have no idea what people want. And why is that?

Because you haven’t seen this list, yet. Obviously.

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Smashing Pumpkins For the Glory of Halloween

The Halloween I was in sixth grade, we had to defend our pumpkins. That was the year my family hosted an exchange student from France. He was, well. He was the kid who wore a Kamikaze headband to school September 12th, 2001, let’s put it that way. Not exactly the kind who stops fights, or keeps… Continue reading Smashing Pumpkins For the Glory of Halloween