Construction Again!

Remember that promised static front page, the changes, the various mumblty-jumbo I promised this site was about to undergo?   Yeah, that’s happening today. Pardon the dust while everything’s under construction! If you want something to read, What Boys Are Made Of is 99 cents today, so snag a copy. And in the meantime, thanks… Continue reading Construction Again!

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Toilets In the Apocalypse: A Short Guide

People in the apocalypse are always portrayed as savage, dirty, and on the brink of killing everyone else. This makes perfect sense. You see, they no longer have flush toilets. I don’t know how much time most of you have spent without this modern convenience. Growing up in southeast Ohio, I can’t say that a… Continue reading Toilets In the Apocalypse: A Short Guide

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Scotland In Slightly Dumb Photographs

Vacations are largely wasted on me. I hate strange beds, become annoyed by eating out too often, get tired too quickly, and really would just rather be writing. My idea of a lovely holiday is one in which I just move somewhere for a month or two, so I can have all the fun of a… Continue reading Scotland In Slightly Dumb Photographs

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Housekeeping Notes

Hello, everyone! As you may have noticed, my posting schedule has changed. Turns out, writing blog posts three days a week is a lot of work. (Duh.) This was fine last fall and winter, when my life consisted of writing, editing, blogging, and playing Pikmin, but since the release of What Boys Are Made Of and The Mercy of Men and the addition of marketing, research, and my side job to the list, blogging has fallen down my list of priorities.

For a while, I kept on, bumping writing down below blogging, but seeing as I’m an author and it’s writing that brings in the money, that’s not a sustainable solution. Something had to give.

Luckily, I quite enjoy blogging, so it’s not going away entirely, it’s just cutting back to a once-a-week guaranteed post. Yep! Every Monday, you get to see my shining words and enjoy my ridiculous humor. Share it, love it, build a private shrine to it, whatever. Mostly share it.

More than that? I’m not guaranteeing more posts than that, because I’d hate to disappoint. But I think you’ll get a second post a pretty good percentage of the time. Because, ya know, I enjoy hearing my own voice! (All blog posts are read in my own voice. Did you not know that? It’s mandatory, get on it.)

Beyond that: Right now, this website is mostly set up as a blog. That worked for nine months, but now that I’m getting a lot more book-related traffic, it will be morphing. Think landing page, think different links at the top, think, uh, I don’t know yet, I haven’t done it and I’m not a planner.

Construction will be happening! Soon. This week, hopefully. Maybe? (Oh schedule gods, please open up a slot for me to do this in.)

Anyway, thanks for your patience, your support, your comments and likes and shares. Told you this post would be coming, and here it is! And in the meantime, I’ll make sure you stay up-to-date.

See you Monday.

(Oh, yeah, I might have some guest posts soon. I have at least one lined up. Anyone else want to shout dibs?)

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The Point of Post-Apocalyptic: A Time for Thick Walls

Post-apocalyptic is all about one thing: if the world as we know it ceased to exist tomorrow, would I survive? Take away my cell phone and television, cars once the fuel runs out. Remove the airplanes from the sky and the shipments of exotic fruit from the grocery stores. Eliminate the grocery stores. Eliminate society… Continue reading The Point of Post-Apocalyptic: A Time for Thick Walls