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The Great Big FAQ

I’ve known I’ve needed an FAQ for a while, so here it is! This will go up as a page at the header, and you all can have your questions answered! But before that happens, this is a test run, your chance to look over my questions and ask any of your own. Did I… Continue reading The Great Big FAQ

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When Do Books Cross the Line from Outdated to Unacceptable?

What does it take to make you put down a book and walk away, never to resume reading again? A couple weeks ago, I was reading a book that was less than steller. The first chapter had seemed exceptionally funny and well-written, but within a few pages of where the Amazon preview had ended (and I had… Continue reading When Do Books Cross the Line from Outdated to Unacceptable?

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Japan Memoir Part 6: The Dream of America

Every country has its stereotypes. From Japan’s point of view, Americans are three things: loud, friendly, and generous. We talk too much, too freely, too familiarly. We’re kind to strangers, to everyone. We share our things without holding back, we help our friends when they ask, and offer when they don’t. We like to have… Continue reading Japan Memoir Part 6: The Dream of America

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So if you didn’t know, I’m in the final stages of editing book 2, aka The Mercy of Men, which means going through the proofreading notes from my editor and performing any last tweaks. Some of these are stylistic, like whether to capitalize the word mohawk (I don’t) or to write out numbers in percentages… Continue reading MS Word, Thou Art A Jerk and CALL FOR EARLY READERS

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It’s Not Acting, It’s Cooperating

All of us, at one time or another, wish to take earlier versions of ourselves firmly by the shoulder and administer the death grip. “No, self, don’t do that, do this, and while I’m at it, for god’s sake get rid of those shoes, they’re doing you no favor.” In this case, I’m speaking of… Continue reading It’s Not Acting, It’s Cooperating


Twitter for Beginners, Or: If Your Twitter Feed Sucks, It’s Your Fault

The other day, someone on a forum I frequent was complaining about how difficult Twitter is. Every time they go on there, someone is arguing about politics! Or race! Or religion! It made them feel like they couldn’t even venture a comment without someone jumping down their throat. Twitter is awful! Er, no, you’re just… Continue reading Twitter for Beginners, Or: If Your Twitter Feed Sucks, It’s Your Fault

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Review! Five Stars from The Novel Approach!

A couple weeks ago, in a fit of “I can do this!” I submitted What Boys Are Made Of for review over at The Novel Approach and crossed my fingers.

Lemme tell you, I am glad I did.

Barely a day later Lisa got in contact to let me know she’d love to read my book, and just this morning she sent me a notification that her review would be up today.

And holy shiz, what a review.

Five stars. Count ’em.

I am especially excited that her review confirms what almost every single review so far has said: this book is the one you can’t stop reading.

What makes this novel beautiful is the author’s prose. These characters are all written in flesh and blood, their world drawn in bleak and desperate lines. There is no romance or romanticism in the telling of this story, and it is not an LGBT novel; rather, it’s a novel with LGBT characters, and its heart resides in the misery that pervades.

I haven’t made this declaration yet this year, but What Boys Are Made Of is easily in the running for a favorite read of 2016. Here’s hoping for a repeat performance with Book Two.


Woah! Alright, I’ve had it. I’ve had my humbling moment, though I’ll admit, it came right after the “run around the apartment celebrating” one. Holy crap!

Go read the rest of the review here!