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Why You Need a Copy-Editor

  I’m writing this post at the request of a couple Twitter friends. They say they hear all the time that self-publishing authors need professional copy-editors, but they don’t know why, because no one who hires one ever seems to say, after the fact, exactly why it was so important. Pray allow me to remedy that… Continue reading Why You Need a Copy-Editor

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I Am Not My Characters

Back in university, my friends and I decided to put together an online role-playing group, because we were that type of nerd. It would be steampunk-themed, some sort of supernatural detective agency. I forget the rest of the details anymore, but it seemed like a fun idea. Everyone else was creating doppelgangers of themselves, but I… Continue reading I Am Not My Characters

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My Inability to Spell Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid

As you can probably guess from the title up there, I can’t spell. Like, I can’t. I’m awful at it. If it weren’t for the wonders of spellcheck, this post would be riddled with various errors that I would never, ever notice. You’d be amazed how many people have tried to call me a moron… Continue reading My Inability to Spell Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid