Friday Frivolity with S. Hunter Nisbet

A fantastic interview by Jewel E. Leonard of…me! That’s right, yours truly had her first author interview, over on Jewel’s spectacular writing blog, as part of her Friday author highlight series. Check it out!

Jewel E. Leonard


Welcome to the third edition of Friday Frivolity.  Today I’m welcoming author S. Hunter Nisbet to my blog!  (Fair warning, there’s explicit language in this interview–it is 100% my fault, given the question I asked.)

QUESTION 1: Congratulations on your upcoming book! (Publishing this year.) Would you tell me about it?

dmV4lUsQ (Not final cover art)

What Boys Are Made Of follows Simon “Saint” Flaherty, a young mixed martial artist who accidentally murders his opponent in the middle of a fight. No one in Buchell particularly cares, but Simon struggles to cope as his coach enters him in an upcoming tournament.

No one really seems to notice that Simon’s spiraling out of control, even Erin, the woman who raised him. Perhaps that’s because she’s having her own crisis: she’s unwillingly pregnant and trapped in a life she hates.

When Simon finds out what’s happening, he declares that he wants to look out for her…

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