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Girls Matter, and So Do Their Toys

There’s a new Barbie, and she comes in three different sizes. You’ve probably already heard about this; I’m not a news site, so I didn’t rush to post this on Thursday when the announcement was released. But nevertheless, I’m pretty darn excited. Like most girls my age in the United States, I grew up with… Continue reading Girls Matter, and So Do Their Toys

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Things We Do In Books (that no one actually does)

Does anyone actually call their kid “child?” Or refer to their son, to his face, as “son?” How about calling their daughter in conversation “daughter?” If books were to be believed, we do this constantly, but I’ll swear to you I’ve only once, and ever once, heard one person in the world say, “Here you are,… Continue reading Things We Do In Books (that no one actually does)

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Down To The River And Pray

I read an article online this week that hit home for me. It’s about chemicals in the Ohio River and attached aquifers, and the cover-up that the chemical company DuPont has put into it. The politics aren’t why you should read it (though they are as fascinating as they are heartbreaking) but rather the way… Continue reading Down To The River And Pray

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Perfect Editing Is A Lie

Welcome back to my series on how to edit your manuscript! This is where I suggest how to edit your manuscript in preparation for either self-publishing or querying. Remember, there’s no one way to edit. If you’re already doing something that I’m not mentioning, or you do something differently, why not suggest it in the… Continue reading Perfect Editing Is A Lie