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It’s a Maze, This Post, It’s a Maze of… Paper?

When I get bored, I tend to get creative. And for me, creative means, well.

In this case, it meant drawing a maze.

If you follow my author page on Facebook you’ll already have seen this, but I think it’s worth posting here as well.

Four years ago, nearly exactly, I drew this maze. A couple days ago, I found it among my random papers and decided to clean it up. I’m an artist only so far as form and arrangement go, but this is the sort of thing I quite like to do in my free time.

The Rules for the maze (because there must be Rules):

Begin at Start.
Find the Crown.
Make your way to the Finish.

You may use ladders, bridges, handholds, and steps.
You may not jump across gaps, or go through dark doorways.


Can you do get through El Laberinto Difícil? Trust me, it’s perfectly doable–but it might take a couple minutes.

Maze 1 (4)Did you complete it? Post below or like to let me know!

Hope you enjoyed it; I certainly had a good time drawing it.

I’ll post another next week, so share this with your puzzle-loving friends.


10 thoughts on “It’s a Maze, This Post, It’s a Maze of… Paper?

  1. This is awesome. If I had the wall for it, I’d ask you to make one just like this (or similar) in color and much larger (like 24″x48″). I think something like this would make a great piece in a game room/library where visitors could sit at a small table and just stare, trying to figure it out. It’s not a common maze. And, there’s an item to collect along the way. ‘So refreshing! I will get back to it later to actually solve it.

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    1. Thanks so much! I can’t really color stuff, so that’s for someone else to do, but I do enjoy drawing these. I have two more I’ll definitely be posting in the coming weeks, and maybe I’ll make a couple more if I feel inspired. They take a few hours to draw, though, especially because I can’t find my ruler. But maybe I’ll try inking one if I can find my tracing paper. 😀


      1. What is your weakness in coloring? Can’t do paints, marker, crayons, what?

        How about a sci-fi outer space maze of linking space ships/buildings?…or civilization on a moon’s surface?


        1. Aha, I’m not actually an artist, that’s my trouble. I do line drawings (the apple in the corner is mine) but coloring isn’t quite the same thing as knowing proportion. Right now I’ve got an idea for a series of doors. More of a puzzle than a maze, but I’ll have twists on it.


          1. I must be missing something because I can’t quite figure out what is a functional/safe path after getting the crown. Some possibilities seem to twist out of shape/perspective.

            Confusing defense of your skills. So, you excel at line drawing but all forms of coloring scare you to death? You do not use any sort of digital software for art, correct? Surely, you could color this with common color pencils or crayons without doing much if any harm. It’s not like you have to color big expanses. You just need to remember the side spaces are darker than the walkways on top.

            So, this doors thing…sort of a Choose Your Path game?


            1. Hmm, I’m not sure how the doors would work yet. If I draw it, I’ll let you know! I’ve got the beginnings of it somewhere, if I can dig it out.

              There’s definitely a path to the finish, but it’s quite twisty (I had to take a moment glancing it over just now!) The best hint I can give you is you will need to cross a swinging bridge. Though I think putting rope handholds on it was a mistake–they make it a little tricky to see.

              Not coloring is more an assessment of time. I’d be loath to put anything on the original I couldn’t erase, so I’d have to ink a copy to color. While I might do it at some point, this is definitely a “just for fun” thing for me, so I’m sticking to the fun part for now–creating.


              1. Another cool idea I had…each door is a maze made of some kind of lines. One could be wood grain. Another some Celtic or Greek design. And, each maze’s finish leads to the next door’s start…which doesn’t make much sense when you see the door’s separately…but I am picturing these on a wall in a row, different colors…

                Well, no. Even I make copies before coloring one. I decided that after reading a book with plenty of advice from Stan Lee. I now try to have a pencil, ink and color copy.

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  2. Okay, for starters, I am confused by a few of the shapes near the crown. 1) There’s what looks like a suspension bridge which either twists or disappears at a point where a wedge points at the broken rope ladder going up to the crown. Where does that suspension bridge end on the right? 2) Is the rope ladder, going up to the crown, accessible at the base…or are the tattered ends out of reach? 3) Can you retrace steps, or are you supposed to go a different way to Finish after you obtain the crown?

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    1. Great questions!
      1. The suspension bridge in question ends exactly where you thinki it does. So you can get on top of that triangle, but then you’re stuck.
      2. Because you can see both ends of the rope ladder, I count it as accessible. As we can definitely see it is whole.
      3. You can definitely retrace steps, Otherwise, you would definitely not be able to complete this. Though that does give me an idea… Hmm…

      Thanks so much for trying this! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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